How to Control Anger

It is normal to feel angry at times. This is perfectly a healthy emotion that everyone goes through. But when the anger gets out of hand and becomes uncontrollable, it can be destructive. It can lead to problems problems at work, relationship, and the overall quality of life. People use a variety of strategies in dealing with anger. This handy guide is meant to help you control your anger and keep temper at bay. Understand Your Anger It is helpful to understand what triggers your anger. Try to investigate and research on the things that make your emotions go high. It can be people, events, or any kind of situation. When you identify all the things that make you angry, try to avoid them at all cost. If you can not avoid them, at least you will know to expect them.

Take Three Deep Breaths

The body becomes tense when angry, says Robert Nicholson, PhD. Breathing deeply can help you lower down your internal angry meter. It also relaxes your mind so you can straight and clearly.

Watch Out What You Eat

Have you noticed that there are some days you feel calm and relaxed, and on some days feel irritable? This has great connection with the kinds of food that you eat. Certain food can make you feel body and mind feel restless. Avoid this type of food to manage your anger.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes it is our immediate environment that gives us that fury and irritable feeling. Consider giving yourself a break and make sure to have a personal time on the day you feel particularly stressful. You can listen to your favorite band for 15 minutes and go back to what you are doing. You will surely feel relaxed and invigorated. Count to 10This may sound funny but it works on controlling your anger. Before you lash out and unleash a hell of fury, count from one to ten. This will give you enough time to calms down and avoid things that you might regret eventually.